Happy Birthday Leonardo!

Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, April 15, opens a time portal for each and every one planet-wide, to free thinking, to consider new ideas, decisions, actions and outcomes – World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21. World Creativity week is an invitation for us at Congaz to reflect on creativity and what it means to us.
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FourSight & Facilitating

I discovered FourSight – exactly 10 years ago. I do remember the FourSight-boot in a corner of the gym of Buffalo University, organised by Creativity & Innovation Management Community. During the conference we got a lot of research based input (interesting but not so clear how to use it in our practice) but at foursightonline.com I found practical tools – research based- for supporting the breaktrough thinking of teams. Read More

CoreTalents and Creativity

In my search for ways to get the conversation around creativity started I stumbled upon the Core Talents methodology. It is used to discover the nature, potential and intrinsic motivation of people. By assessing the activities in which you were involved between your 4 and 12 years, the methodology assesses, amongst 23 core talents, 3 core talents to describe creativity. Read More

Creativity in Finance

As a strategic consultant I facilitated quite some cultural transformation programs in the last years, specifically for large corporates in the financial sector. The objective was always to move from a very risk-averse process culture towards a more performance and empowerment-oriented culture. Or in other words, from ‘do what you have to do and make no mistakes’ to ‘raise the bar, go for more effectiveness and impact, and do this by unlocking the maximum potential of the people’. Read More