Happy Birthday Leonardo!

Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, April 15, opens a time portal for each and every one planet-wide, to free thinking, to consider new ideas, decisions, actions and outcomes – World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21. World Creativity week is an invitation for us at Congaz to reflect on creativity and what it means to us.

Scientists are convinced. Although creativity research only started in the 1950’s, today it is clear that creativity is a skill, necessary for our survival. Lacking force and speed, strong and sharp teeth, our ability to solve problems and to cope with challenges in a creative way made it possible for our ancestors to survive and to pass on and improve those skills. We are capable of imagining things, our hands create and our words enable meaning and communication.

On the other hand we need some stability. Our insights, what we know and what we have created, we constantly conform to it and adopt it into new, slightly different situations. This ongoing movement between creativity and conformity offers us a cycle of live in which we constantly learn, improve, adapt.Today we are confronted with new challenges and for most of us we could say that our “fysical” environment became more safe and less threatening, our professional environment became and will become quite a challenge.

Creative problem solving and the ability of handling the polarity between and the fast moving cycle of creativity and conformity will be of enormous importance. Education plays a role in it. Creativity is trainable. Learning to clarify, ideate, develop and implement, and moving from problem to solution will continue to be our competitive advantage. (based on From the dawn of humanity to the 21st century: creativity as an enduring survival skill, Gerard J. Puccio, the journal of creative behavior, 2017)

To give you some inspiration on creativity we wrote some blog posts, throwing diverse perspectives on what it means to us.

Click on the links and enjoy reading!

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