Back to School

And it feels good!

I recently signed up for the first oversees Master in Creativity & Change Leadership, organized by the State University of New York, Buffalo. The year-long program started with an intensive 2-weeks summer course in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, hosted by the King William College. And it really felt like going back to school. Read More

We had an inspiring day @ Tech Startup Day !

We had an idea!

Let startups tell startups what we can do for them.

So we invited Benjamin Rieder to explain how the Bubble Post  idea ended up in a start up company and which hurdles he encountered. One of them was getting to know your co-founders on an other level. Find out each other’s strengths, capabilities and expectations. Discovering the “drivers” and “reasons Why”.  This all in order to communicate better, stronger and more openly, preventing that things  end up under the table, and difficult topics are circumvented instead of talked through.

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Team building under the baobab tree

First impressions after the voluntary work of Ann Noppen, Consense and Ingrid De Clercq, Congaz in Benin

We were struck by their openness to learn and absorb new concepts.  In the North we often adopt an attitude of “healthy criticism”, which slows down the learning process.  In Benin we encountered no bounderies:  the step between learning and putting it into practice is immediate, which delivered fantastic results.

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Congaz & Consense in partnership, doing voluntary work in Benin

About one year ago Ann Noppen’s brother, Herman, who works for the NGO Eco Benin in Benin, Africa, told her – unintentionally –  that Eco Benin could be interested in being supported in further developing their leadership, as they were growing so fast due to their success.  His remark did not fall in deaf ears: …for some time Ann had wanted to do something for third world countries.  This was the occasion to invest, not with money, but with her talents.  Ann found an enthusiastic partner in Ingrid De Clercq from Congaz. Hence they could combine the expertise of Consense on Whole Brain Leadership, with the experience of Congaz on Entrepreneurship and Creativity, and thus build a larger story.

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