We had an inspiring day @ Tech Startup Day !

We had an idea!

Let startups tell startups what we can do for them.

So we invited Benjamin Rieder to explain how the Bubble Post  idea ended up in a start up company and which hurdles he encountered. One of them was getting to know your co-founders on an other level. Find out each other’s strengths, capabilities and expectations. Discovering the “drivers” and “reasons Why”.  This all in order to communicate better, stronger and more openly, preventing that things  end up under the table, and difficult topics are circumvented instead of talked through.

Also topics such as “identity” and “purpose” are crucial for new companies. Your mission is what connects people, inside your startup and outside (clients, partners, new team members). Making that tangible and clear makes life so much easier.


After his testimonial participants came to find us around our table and we had lots of inspiring talks!

Based on our experiences with start ups like Bubble Post, we’ve put togheter a special program for founders / startup teams.

We offer them the opportunity to take a closer look at how they work together. We help them discover their strengths, pitfalls and complementarity between the team members.

“your startup team scan”

  • Individual intake with each team member (1,5 h)
  • Team debriefing (2 h)
  • Individual coaching with each team member (1,5 h)
  • Team session on strengthening the team functioning (2 h)

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