Tech Start Up Day. We’ll be there!

Since one year I’m working with Bubble Post. Three young men started a company to make  first and last mile delivery in cities greener.

Before scaling they noticed being “aligned” was important. First of all between the three of them. On an intuitive level they felt aligned around a shared purpose, but in implementing and prioritizing things got tricky sometimes.  To make there founders team stronger we gave them some insights on individual level and on the team. They discovered their strengths and how they are complementary.

The purpose of Bubble Post is giving back green to cities. In each city where they start operating, this mission is key. Every “driver” has to live this mission.  In every day decisions, choosing vehicles, for instance. And at the same time they want every city-team to work autonomously in the largest way possible.

On the 12th of March, at the Tech start up day  Benjamin Rieder is talking about how it was to create Bubble Post “from idea to start up”,  and the hurdles he ran across. He will explain how we supported them in clarifying there mission and values and implementing an organization culture in which self management is the objective.

Based on our experience with start up teams we have a special offer! Join us at the tech start up day, come and have a talk with us and we’ll be happy to tell you all about it.


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