POInT, helpful technique in facilitating

Last week I experienced again the power of our tools in creative problem solving while doing my certification assessment for IAF.

Case : I chose to make a case about a national park in Congo where the team had to decide in accepting funds from the Chinese government for building a new road and creating better access to the national park. My ‘client’ wanted a discussion with the team about the pro’s and cons of this offer and needed a decision quickly. So we gathered around the table with the management team of the park covering security, community development, fauna & flora, tourism and fundraising.

Point : I approached this as ‘an idea’ and took the opportunity of the workshop to fine-tune this idea, in Foursight terms : the development phase of breakthrough innovation. In only 20 minutes the team identified the plusses(P), opportunities(O) and issues(I) related to this idea. We didn’t go in depth into the the New Thinking but it naturally popped up at the end of the discussion.
We closed the session asking every participant ‘with all the information on the table I would accept/defer the offer’ on a rational and emotional level.

The IAF promotes the power of facilitation worldwide , it aims at
– efficient use of time and money
– full participation
– record of results
– co-creation of outcome


I managed to pass the certification assessment with the help of this quick, clear and ‘positive thinking’ tool.

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