Co-creation with kids. The future starts now.

We aim to create future-proof talent and to accelerate the innovation process through child-inclusion.

Cooperation with children on business- and social issues guarantees companies corporate social responsibility, creativity, imagination and critical questions. And children learn how to reinforce their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our facilitation expertise, proven active learning methods and unique interactive game will connect companies with future talent.

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Happy to work with:

We asked for input from the 4th gradechildren to help us formulate our message about sustainable fuels. At short notice Lara developed an instructive programme for 1,5 day. The children learned a lot about the importance and types of sustainable fuels.The teachers saw how different learning objectives were achieved and also grandparents were invited as ‘assertive public’. For us it was very inspiring to see how ‘clever’ the future generation thinks about this subject and how you can bring complex messages in a straightforward way.
Maarten Van Houdenhove, Communication & PR Manager, Dats24
I learned about my preference in the green zone (editor’s note: developing phase). I would love to have these kind of classes at school.
Haydee, 10y