Innovation is more than just brainstorming. Our interactive workshops open up your eyes on the matter, exploring the creative thinking process, problem solving skills, the ten faces of innovation, incremental vs. disruptive. In-depth explorations of innovation in all its forms!



During an intake we will ask you: why would you organise a learning event? Who is involved? When would it be? Where do we do this? Which preparations are feasible for participants? How creative/intuitive can we work? What are for you the objectives of the learning event ?


To find an answer to all these questions we might organise a brainstorming and challenge you to be creative from the kickoff until the end. “What if” … will be out favorite opener.


Here we prepare scenario’s of the workshop/training – from minute to minute – and develop materials. We prepare invitation letters…  In case of large groups we might organise a pilot-session. We ask ourselves ‘how might the location induce creativity’.


From invitation and preparation , through the workshop or training, up to the reporting – follow up and evaluation we combine pure teaching with playful techniques to create powerful learning events.

Workshops in our portfolio include:
  • Creative tools & techniques
  • Foursight; discover your creative potential
  • Discovering the why
  • The 10 faces of innovation
  • HR design for innovation
  • Kids 4 innovation
  • Business model canvas workshop
  • Value proposition workshop
  • Foursight & Change