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I discovered FourSight – exactly 10 years ago. I do remember the FourSight-boot in a corner of the gym of Buffalo University, organised by Creativity & Innovation Management Community. During the conference we got a lot of research based input (interesting but not so clear how to use it in our practice) but at I found practical tools – research based- for supporting the breaktrough thinking of teams.

Back home we focussed on introducing Foursight, understanding the personal preferences  as a way to improve teamwork. Over the years the framework of clarifying, ideating, developing and implementing became more and more ‘a way of thinking’ and that is how it ‘slipped into’ our facilitation work with clients. As facilitators we are called in when – for a certain challenge/topic – the full participation of different stakeholders is required with an outcome. The FourSight framework helps us in defining which part of the process – clarifying, ideating, developing or implementation – needs attention during a workshop. Once the subject matter owner (our client) is clear about the main objective(s) we have the tools & techniques linked to every part of the process to support the thinking of the participants.

I like to share the tools which helped me most during my facilitation work :

For clarifying : “KnoWonder”.

For Ideating : a forced connection between the challenge and a visual (that’s why I always have a box of postcards with me)

For developing : POINt which is listing all the Plusses, Opportunities, Issues of an idea and bringing in New Thinking on the idea

For implementing : Storyboarding

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