First business was about quantity, then it was about quality, then it was about service and now it is about shared value. How can your start-up organization grow while having a maximal positive impact on people, organization & society? Latest research shows that companies creating social impact use and need advanced innovation strategies. Our innovative and pragmatic strategy approach will make sure you keep your innovative power and autonomy while you scale.



Start ups / entrepreneurs have great ideas they want to implement. They go fast, sometimes so fast that they don’t see the assets they have in being a team.
When they grow, they are confronted with “how to build a culture”, how to keep everybody connected to the initial idea / goal / purpose.


We provide them with a tool (FourSight, MBTI, Insights…) to give them insights in their own functioning and that of their team members.  They discover strengths, complementarities, and also pitfalls and hick ups. We help them to make their goal / purpose more explicit and at the same time inspire them to organize their business in a way that every team member can contributie in their own way, take responsibility, pick up necessary roles.


Starting from that new insight, we help them to create new ways of working together, we help them to better handle conflicts, to dare to speak up and give each other clear feedback, using a language they all understand.


It’s up to them to play! We check in from time tot time, and the exploring, inspring and strategizing starts all over, in function of their needs, their growth and specific questions.