Congaz & Consense in partnership, doing voluntary work in Benin

About one year ago Ann Noppen’s brother, Herman, who works for the NGO Eco Benin in Benin, Africa, told her – unintentionally –  that Eco Benin could be interested in being supported in further developing their leadership, as they were growing so fast due to their success.  His remark did not fall in deaf ears: …for some time Ann had wanted to do something for third world countries.  This was the occasion to invest, not with money, but with her talents.  Ann found an enthusiastic partner in Ingrid De Clercq from Congaz. Hence they could combine the expertise of Consense on Whole Brain Leadership, with the experience of Congaz on Entrepreneurship and Creativity, and thus build a larger story.

In September 2014 they met with Gautier Amoussou, CEO of the NGO Eco-Benin, specialized in eco-tourism.  They have 15 sites with eco-lodges built by the local population and have also set up a Carbon Action Plan which aims mangrove plantation and the promotion of  improved stoves around the national parks.  Tourists are invited to contribute by planting a mangrove tree in order to compensate for the CO2 caused by the flight to Benin.  (see for more information). Eco-Benin is on the nomination list of the ‘Koning Boudewijn Stichting’ for 2014.

Ingrid De Clercq and Ann Noppen both passionate by the multicultural business environment are investing two weeks in January 2015 by using their talents and exploring how the north can learn from the south in topics as Whole Brain Leadership and Entrepreneurship. They want to work in partnership based on reciprocity and connectedness, building a larger story.

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Ingrid De Clercq & Ann Noppen

January 2015

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