CoreTalents and Creativity

In my search for ways to get the conversation around creativity started I stumbled upon the Core Talents methodology. It is used to discover the nature, potential and intrinsic motivation of people. By assessing the activities in which you were involved between your 4 and 12 years, the methodology assesses, amongst 23 core talents, 3 core talents to describe creativity. Read More

Creativity in Finance

As a strategic consultant I facilitated quite some cultural transformation programs in the last years, specifically for large corporates in the financial sector. The objective was always to move from a very risk-averse process culture towards a more performance and empowerment-oriented culture. Or in other words, from ‘do what you have to do and make no mistakes’ to ‘raise the bar, go for more effectiveness and impact, and do this by unlocking the maximum potential of the people’. Read More

Team building under the baobab tree

First impressions after the voluntary work of Ann Noppen, Consense and Ingrid De Clercq, Congaz in Benin

We were struck by their openness to learn and absorb new concepts.  In the North we often adopt an attitude of “healthy criticism”, which slows down the learning process.  In Benin we encountered no bounderies:  the step between learning and putting it into practice is immediate, which delivered fantastic results.

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Consense & Congaz partnership voor vrijwilligerswerk in Benin, Afrika

Een jaar geleden vertelde Herman, broer van Ann Noppen en medewerker van de NGO Eco Benin dat Eco Benin baat zou hebben bij ondersteuning rond het uitbouwen van hun leiderschap. Het succes van de organisatie leidde immers tot sterke groei, en dat was een hele uitdaging. Dat viel niet in dovemansoren. Ann wilde altijd al iets doen in ontwikkelingslanden, en dit was een kans om te investeren, niet met geld maar met haar talenten. Ze vond in Ingrid een enthousiaste partner.  Zo konden ze de  “whole brain leadership” expertise van Consense en de ervaring van Congaz in entrepreneurship en creativiteit combineren en samen een sterker verhaal bouwen.

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