2016… a year full of inspiration, marvel and genius of a child!

Creating our seasons greetings we gave children a challenge: think of a daily life problem and prototype a solution for it with a small set of material.

Their creativity was endless! Some examples.

Lotte (7 and youngest of four) does not like a board with chores. It leads to discussions and that makes her mother sad. She created a game with the chores on it, so playing the game tells you what you have to.

Ella (7) invented a toothbrush that sends a picture to her parents to make sure she did a good job.

This exercise was a wonderful illustration on what we notice during our workshops. Everyone is able to think in a creative way, to solve problems and to discover solutions to challenges. Using creative tools and materials helps to get back in touch with the instant inspiration, marvel and genius we all had as a child.

Share your experience with us. What did you create with the materials we send you?



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