We believe that meaningful innovation is all about people creating value through the implementation of new ideas. Therefore we assist organisations to optimally deal with this people dimension of innovation. No rigid theories or heavy concepts but proven capabilities to bring innovation to life in the heads, hearts and hands of the people who have to make it work.


How can your start-up organization grow while having a maximal positive impact on people, organization & society?

Innovative Insights

In-depth explorations of innovation in all its forms!

Empowering Participation

An innovative culture with a shared vision and a good team composition can channel energy and motivation and can be the base for a continuous stream of new solutions.

Creative Leadership

Since a leader cannot have all the answers, he or she must also be adept at drawing out the creativity of others.

Discover your Creative Potential

Congaz is a preferred FourSight® partner

While every human is hard-wired to think creatively, we all do it differently. So collaborating can be hard—or rewarding—depending on your level of awareness. The FourSight® Thinking Profile is a problem-solving assessment, based on 10 years of research, that reveals your personal preference for each phase of the creative thinking process that leads to innovation.

Those who understand thinking preferences can learn to leverage personal differences to unlock a group’s ability to solve problems, collaborate and achieve breakthrough results.


Karen Peirens

I handle challenging and complex issues in an open minded way thereby trying to reconciliate different points of view. I’m direct, sharp and sometimes use an unexpected approach. I’m fascinated by the sparkles in the eyes of people when everything comes together, individual strengths and assets, working together, making a shared purpose come true. I have a large field of interest and no matter how small or large, “young”  or existing “for ever” an organization is, everyone is involved in making the evolving purpose realize itself.

Ingrid De Clercq

I have the wonderment of a child, for man and nature.  I value freedom and love adventure, am curious, open minded and eager to learn. I am deeply interested in people, how they function, why they do what they do.  I am inquisitive and like to get to the essence of a situation, so I will ask a zillion questions and listen carefully to all that is said (and not said ;-).

I can be diplomatic but also impatient with superficiality, and I quickly see through nonsense. I have an eye for look & feel and (almost always) a big smile. I love to energize a group and guide them to new insights. And then I will patiently hammer on the nail to make sure an innovative approach is also installed.

I love bringing my experience with startups to the bigger companies and vice versa. As such, practices for building entrepreneurial teams proved also applicable when coaching intrapreneurial projects. And personally having experienced the benefits of a strong innovative culture makes me a fierce advocate for it.

Lara Donners

With a strong preference for ideation and implementation, and gifted with a focused brain to keep the long term end goal in mind , I also like/ need the ‘sparkle in the eye’ of someone or a team motivated to the next step. I really enjoy finding the underlying connections between the different worlds/issues at stake. So I am interested to understand how entrepreneurs build their businesses, how corporates align their mission and values , how eco-systems function, how teachers  set up learning events for teens, how volunteers show dedication and how my children challenge my (old-fashioned) habits …

Thomas Geusens

I am an ideator & developer. I worked with HR companies, production factories, financial institutes, etc. as well as with street kids in Africa and the Middle East and people in poverty in my own country. As a seasoned trainer & facilitator I try to move people as well as processes, products and services, and bring them to another level. Always with a few core elements in mind: meaning, empowerment and creative thinking. I have a special interest for storytelling because I believe stories connect, switch paradigms and create heroes.

Congaz made our intrapreneurially team grow enormously.

Ann Van Dessel

A “creative drive” that is contagious for anyone being near.  An organisation I will certainly collaborate with again to stimulate innovation in our group.

Géry Dams, Associate Director, Virology Laboratory Operations TIBOTEC

Congaz makes you look from another, less familiar perspective, and afterwards you regret that you have never done that before.

Wouter Marques, Division Director, BRABANTIA S&L Belgium NV

Professional with a strong empathic capability who succeeds in putting a stamp on an organisation and giving it a culture and soul.

Walter Beyers, VP Finance USG PEOPLE

Congaz made me and my team think about what is needed to realize innovation, and taught us to do it right.

Dirk Oosterlinck, Managing Director, BPOST Shop & Deliver

Congaz supported the team of enthusiastic employees with a sense for a new adventure, to a team that has developed a big maturity in innovation.

Sarah De Greef, BPOST Combo

Congaz succeeds in creating an open atmosphere in which items can be discussed that are crucial to build strong teams.

Koen Schrever, Partner STONEFUND

Empathic, a good view on people and organisation and lots of common sense!

Ria Matthijssens, Partner Tax & Legal, BDO


We work for large and middle-sized businesses, start-ups and social profits.



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Karen Peirens – Dilbeek:
+32 498 17 78 91

Ingrid De Clercq – Bornem:
+32 484 50 45 55

Lara Donners – Beveren:
+32 473 95 95 35

Thomas Geusens – Boutersem:
+32 485 43 05 06

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